Coronavirus in Greece: homeopathic vaccine denial and Pagoni’s rage

Skepticism of opponents of vaccination and deniers of the actions of doctors, protests have become a real scourge of the Greek, and not only, society. On the air of Mega TV, a heated discussion flared up on this topic.

The tension in the studio arose after the speech of the professor of ancient Greek medicine at the Paris Graduate School, homeopath-physiotherapist Vasilis Mavrommatis, who had a negative attitude to vaccination:

“Alternatively, we do not welcome vaccination practices. We have our own methods of protection and treatment. These are natural healing methods. I practice physiotherapy, homeopathy and ancient Greek medicine. We have products that we have been using for years – both prophylactically and medicinally. There are many alternatives, we treat patients with our methods safely, without side effects. We use natural remedies. We also treat COVID patients.

We have a technique called personalization. We don’t work like doctors. There is no alternative and no doctor can take one hundred percent responsibility. For coronavirus patients, not everyone will be taking the same medication, depending on the case. If necessary, we use herbs, certain foods, natural and synthetic vitamins and draw up a separate protocol for each case. I cannot give a specific example. All this is individual. “

Mrs. Pagoni reacted to the professor’s words:

“We have not seen such publications. Medicine is one whole, with research, publications, results. People with coronavirus have a very serious problem, they go to hospitals, go to intensive care. I have not seen any of your publications that using these methods people get well. If you have something specific, we can of course take it into account. We draw on research from all over the world. Such statements should be treated very carefully, because many people listen to us. “

Mr Mavrommatis noted:

“Each case is different. We use vitamins, zinc, selenium, some herbs that are suitable for each person, depending on the characteristics of his body. The kind of homeopathy that we can give. “

The professor’s statements provoked an even sharper reaction from Ms. Pagoni:

“I cannot participate in a group that tells people that the world will be okay with herbs and vitamins. What should I hear when people were dying one after another right before my eyes? “

In conclusion of the dispute, Mr. Mavrommatis said:

“We are talking about three methods officially recognized by WHO. There are entire foreign clinics that use what I told you. If you have not heard about this, this does not mean that the methods are not applied or do not exist. “

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