WSJ: Durham’s special prosecutor debunked the “Russian trace” in the 2016 US elections

The indictment of US Special Attorney Durham left no stone unturned from the conspiracy on the “Russian trail” in the 2016 presidential election. I wonder if this will backfire on the organizers of the process or will they find a scapegoat?

On Thursday September 16, US Department of Justice Special Attorney John Durham indicted Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer in 2016 with the FBI for perjury, but has not yet ruled the crime as a trivial hoax. The special prosecutor’s 27-page indictment is replete with new condemning details, which clearly indicate that the story of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was fabricated and hyped by Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters.

Mr Durham indicted Michael Sussmann, a lawyer at the Perkins Coie law firm who worked for Mrs Clinton’s campaign headquarters. Michael Sussmann is accused of making false statements to FBI General Counsel James Baker at a meeting on September 19, 2016, when he presented documents pointing to alleged secret contacts between the Trump Organization (The Trump Organization is the main company of Donald Trump, who was the CEO companies until 2017. The company controls such areas of Trump’s business as real estate, hotels, golf clubs, etc. – editor’s note) and the Russian Alfa Bank.

The indictment states that Sussmann misled Baker by claiming that he was “not acting in the best interests of any client,” which led the FBI General Counsel to believe that Sussmann was “acting like a good citizen and not like paid lawyer or politician. ” That was a lie, according to the indictment, which documented that Sussmann worked with other prominent Democratic Party members (including fellow Perkins Coie lawyer Mark Elias) and billed his time to Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters.

Mr Sassmann’s lies “robbed the FBI of important information,” the indictment says, and prompted the bureau to launch an investigation into the links between President Trump and the Alpha Group, which was quickly leaked to the media. Sussmann didn’t lie to the FBI to protect himself. He is accused of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to initiate an investigation into rival Trump campaign headquarters based on a false claim of collusion between Russia and Trump. Mr. Sassman declares his innocence.

The indictment adds new details about the widespread nature of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s attempts to falsely vilify Donald Trump as “lying in bed with the Russians.” The document claims it went far beyond the mandate of the consulting firm Fusion GPS and the fake “dossier” created by ex-MI6 employee Christopher Steele, although both played a role in wider efforts to discredit Trump.

The conclusion says that the accusations against Alfa Bank came from an unidentified chief executive of a large technology company (“Tech Executive 1”), who, according to one of his emails, expected to receive “a high position in the field of cybersecurity in the future administration of Hillary Clinton.” This executive owned Internet companies that had access to vast amounts of “public and non-public” data. He was secretly briefed on the alleged internet traffic between Alfa Bank and Trump’s mail domain and alerted Mr Sassmann about it.

The aforementioned leader ordered his employees “to extract and analyze all public and private Internet data for derogatory information about Trump.” He also hired internet analysts from an unidentified American university. The indictment says the purpose of these searches was to reinforce such “negative findings and narratives” about Trump that certain “VIPs” would like.

These searches for information on the Internet have yielded almost nothing. But the boss turned over the false insinuations to Mr. Sassmann, who wrote the official documents based on them, which he handed over to the FBI, and at the same time worked with Fusion GPS and Mr. Elias to bring it all to the “gullible press.” Sassmann’s meeting with senior FBI official John Baker gave the media a reason to write that law enforcement is investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. The FBI launched an investigation into Trump, which escalated into the political frenzy of a conspiracy that damaged the Trump presidency for more than two years.

The indictment against Sussmann opens the door to another much more serious crime, which essentially consists of the Hillary Clinton team and some media outlets carrying out dirty political tricks and illegal actions against democracy in the United States. The indictment alleges that Mr. Elias informed Clinton campaign officials of the intended scandal, including “the chief of staff, director of public affairs and foreign policy adviser.”

Earlier, Mr. Durham was threatened to set the limitation period for the investigation on the “Russian trace” to five years, but in connection with the emergence of new serious circumstances of perjury, it can be assumed that the investigation of this dirty case will still have a long continuation.

WSJ Reader Comments

Mericka stuber

Where was Durham a year ago? Then it would have played, including on the outcome of the presidential elections!

Jim holmber

Forget it, John. Our Washington is just Chinatown!

Thomas remenick

The sad thing is that it doesn’t really matter whether Durham is making an accusation or not. The Justice Department won’t do anything. The media will distort Durham’s conclusion in every possible way. There will be no accountability to public opinion. The Clintons, Obamas and other members of their team / party are part of the “untouchables.” The only thing we can get from the Durham investigation is a more truthful understanding of the story. But this also has its own value.


Biden’s Justice Department will hide this Biden indictment deep under the shelter!

Juan M

Lies, lies and more lies. Are there any words at all coming out of the lips of the Democrats that are not lies? But the saddest thing is that millions of Americans agree that Democrats can lie; don’t worry when Democrats lie and don’t know enough to say when they hear their lies.

Kathryn hutchinson

What a surprise: the Clintons were behind it all. Yes, it was clear from the very beginning. They should have gone to jail long ago, and they are still thriving free!

Suzanne smith

In fact, the Biden family is very slightly inferior to the Clintons in corruption. They are in a well-deserved second place!


Well, our wise FBI has finally found a scapegoat.

And of course it’s not Hillary. She looks terrible in this story, as elsewhere.

She is probably one of the most corrupt politicians in American history!

joel fairey

Thank God, the Americans were smart enough not to elect her as our president.

Greg feigel

Let’s summarize.

This whole fake “Russian trace” was generated by a fake fabrication that was actually lifted from the ground out of nothing, and then grew into an avalanche of lies and government corruption aimed at crushing a normal presidential election.

It then continued in the form of numerous impeachment attempts, lawsuits, wild claims and distractions for 4 years and beyond.

All this to the detriment of America.

And now we have Biden.

James kingsbury

Well said, Greg! And despite the fact that Trump has achieved more in four years than most of them in 8 years! Only Biden has done more than Trump … he nullified Trump’s successes in just 8 months !!

Gregory nastali

After all, Attorney General Barr said: “The conspiracy to fabricate a ‘Russian trace’ is a much more terrible crime than Watergate!”

William mattimore

Russia, can you hear us ?!

Charles barr

I wish I could read those emails that Hillary managed to so cleverly remove from her mail. I think the Chinese have them, not the Russians!

William mattimore

I would also like to read the secret emails that Jared Kushner exchanged with the Qataris before they gave him a billion!


Regardless of how any of us feel about Trump, this article has a million and one reasons for us to be deeply grateful that the Clintons lost the 2016 election. Perhaps this is Trump’s greatest contribution to democracy – keeping the Clintons from returning to the White House!


Mike salva

And even in spite of all these dirty tricks and tricks, the criminal tandem “Billary” still lost in 2016.

I can’t help smiling at the thought of this!


This perjury to the FBI and its subsequent dissemination to the media by Hillary’s accomplices sparked two years of blatant harassment, malicious interference and meanness.

This is corruption worthy of imprisonment.

Carl sanders

The only person to collude with a foreign agent was Hillary when she paid a million dollars to ex-MI6 agent Steele, who said he had Russian sources that would provide her with incriminating evidence on Trump.

We know that Hillary was in a conspiracy from day one to put this false “Russian trail” on Trump.

C kelly goff

If you want to commit a serious crime, then hire lawyers, not robbers!

Right, right?

Tamar June

Look at the bright side of this case.

Hillary never became president. And it probably won’t!

James mackey

And it would be great to see Hillary convicted. And even imprisoned. She deserved it. Let Bill outlive her.


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