Incredible incident with first graders in Phthiotida – they just disappeared

Against the background of yesterday’s incident with a child in the metropolitan area of ​​Varkiza it became known about another incident that occurred on September 16 with children and a school bus.

Poor parents thought their girls had been kidnapped when the bus didn’t bring the little first graders home after school:

“We lost the ground under our feet. We lived through a nightmare.”

In the morning, the parents put two elementary school girls from Tsuka village on a bus, as they did every day, and sent them to Makrakomi School. But they did not come back, and the telephone of the educational institution did not answer. The driver, too, could not say anything intelligible and drove away.

The parents drove to school in their cars, but there were no babies there either, and there was only a cleaning lady in the building. In extreme alarm, the parents rushed to the police, whose officers immediately began searching all over Macrakomi.

In cooperation with the police and Fthiotida KTEL, who contacted all the drivers, two little girls were found on the school bus, which left school in a completely different direction – it reached the mountain village of Timrfistos.

The school authorities cite the fact that the little ones could not explain to the driver what village they live in. As a result, the driver drove back to school in Makrakomi with them. Parents emotionally shared their experiences with LamiaReport reporters:

We are looking for children for about an hour and a half. We have lost the ground under our feet. We had a nightmare. We’re out of our minds. We thought our children were kidnapped.

Fortunately, the children were found, the parents did not decide the issue in the legal field. However, the next day, the headmaster could not name the reason why such an incident became possible.

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