Vaccination opponents file a lawsuit against teachers

Anti-Vax parents are furious and attack teachers, who require students to wear masks and self-assess as required by law.

Some anti-vaccinators have gone so far as to file lawsuits against teachers for “organizing a criminal organization, treason and torture.”

Parents of kindergarten and primary school children in Pyrgos in the southern Peloponnese have filed lawsuits against three teachers who did not allow students to enter school and attend classes without a mask or self-assessment, as required by law.

Vaccination opponents file a lawsuit against teachers

Vaccination opponents file a lawsuit against teachers

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Antonia Brie, head of the local department for teachers and kindergarten teachers in Pyrgos, said Open TV, that on Monday the parents demanded that their children attend school and kindergarten without a mask, and without presenting a self-test).

Ms Bree said the parents blamed the school principal, kindergarten director and some teachers, and their charges were also reflected in their lawsuits.

“They filed lawsuits on charges of founding a criminal organization, treason and torture,” Bree said.

In the suburb of Thermi in Thessaloniki, in the north of Greece, father A student was arrested after pushing the headmaster away and preventing other children from entering the school after his son was not allowed inside because he was unable to conduct a self-test.

The director called the police, who removed the angry 37-year-old man. He was later arrested on charges of serious disruption to the civil service and insults to the director.

The father said he does not accept the self-test and the mask and will continue to take his son to school without the test and mask. He added that he pushed the headmaster away “because she prevented him from approaching a school owned by the Greeks. She has no right to this, this is not her school, she is our employee. “

All last week the boy went to school with a self-examination test, but this time with his mother.

Also last week, another father, a Greek military officer, staged a similar incident at an elementary school in Kozani in northern Greece. There was no arrest, but the situation is heating up.

Not only do anti-virus parents create incidents in schools, but relatives of patients infected with Covid-19 are attacking and threatening doctors in public hospitals.

The daughter of a coronavirus patient threatened a doctor at Laiko Hospital in Athens, forbidding medical intervention for her father. “I will cure him with aloe,” the woman screamed as she took the doctor off her cell phone, media reported.

It is reported that an elderly patient was hospitalized in serious condition and the incident occurred when doctors tried to apply a medical protocol for such cases.

Similar incidents organized by anti-vaccinators in hospitals and schools have occurred in the recent past, and the government is doing nothing to suppress the movement that spreads fake news and endangers lives.

In Patras, where the anti-vaccination movement is strong enough, the anti-vax blood transfusion from a vaccinated person. There were also recorded cases of refusal to intubate Covid patients.

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