The kid was “forgotten” in the kindergarten bus, 5 people were arrested

The two-year-old was left in a children’s bus for more than five hours in the capital’s Varkiza district. The girl’s parents sued the kindergarten teachers, including the bus driver and those who followed the movement of the children.

It is believed that the child fell asleep on the bus, and his absence from kindergarten went unnoticed. The baby was eventually released after a passer-by heard her sobbing and called the police. The officers found the child in a state of shock.

The girl’s parents filed a lawsuit against the driver, bus inspectors, daughter’s teacher, and the director and owner of the kindergarten, who were arrested on Monday. On Tuesday, Athens’ prosecutor ordered the release from custody of five suspects accused of endangering the baby’s life.

In another incident with a toddler in a kindergarten, a four-year-old child simply opened the door of an institution in Evosmos (Thessaloniki) and went outside. The lonely boy was noticed by passers-by walking along the street. The kindergarten teacher was arrested and then released pending trial. …

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