Mitsotakis’s team started playing …

The confusion that arose due to the actions of the team of Kiryakos Mitsotakis led to a situation when the meeting of the Greek Prime Minister with the presidents of Turkey was suspended in the air.

The diplomatic scandal occurred after Erdogan said on Sunday that he had accepted Greece’s request for a meeting, and on Monday morning the Greek side rejected the existence of such a request, but did not rule out it.

Confusion also erupted after the foreign minister announced Ankara’s sharp demarche over the persecution over the weekend. Nautical geo… But on Monday, an older demarche about “illegal fishing by Turkish fishermen in the Aegean Sea” was broadcast to the media.

Editor’s note.

For now, it appears that disagreements within the ruling New Democracy regarding the way forward with neighboring Turkey have reached their peak. The Prime Minister is under public pressure after the August forest fires and price increases (incl. sharp drop in rating) and he needs to achieve “success”, at least in the issue with Turkey.

At the same time, his potential successors in the ND, including the prime minister, are setting the stage for the post-Mitsotakis era.

One colleague told me on Monday that “the PR team of the Prime Minister has come to the end of its creative path and does not know how to improve his” killed to the limit “image.” He suggested that they were trying to create a situation so that “the Turks would kneel down, beg for a meeting, and then present it as a victory …”. But the Turkish leadership, unfortunately (for Mitsotakis’s team), does not smoke such an overbearing plan, and as a result, instead of humiliating Erdogan, Mitsotakis, thanks to his advisers, found himself in an unattractive situation.

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