Volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands (video)

On the island of the Canary Islands, which is part of the archipelago. Palm tree erupts from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Lava flows move towards nearby villages. Residents of 4 of them were evacuated.

The eruption began with the release of volcanic ash, and was preceded by seismic activity. Air force… The National Geographic Institute of Spain reported that over the past week more than 22 thousand tremors were recorded in the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park, with a maximum magnitude of 3.8 on the Richter scale.

The island of Palma is of volcanic origin, along its central part there is a ridge of volcanoes. In 1971, Tenegia woke up, it was the last large-scale eruption on the island.

Cumbre Vieja belongs to the Strombolian type of eruptions, in which lava is ejected from a vent of different power by explosions and forms short lava flows.

In an interview with Reuters, volcanologist Stavros Meletides said that as a result of the eruption, 5 cracks formed on the slopes of the volcano. So far, experts cannot predict how long the eruption will last.

No casualties were reported. Several costly damaged. The authorities of La Palma announced the obligatory evacuation of 10 settlements, put on high alert, yesterday evening. Citizens were urged not to approach the volcano zone and to be careful:

“Under no circumstances should you approach a lava flow. If there is volcanic ash, stay in your home. “

Two hours after the first eruption, lava was flowing down the slope, the villages of Los Lianos de Aridane and El Paso were ordered to evacuate. Residents were asked to use their mobile phones sparingly. The lava flow is projected to move southwestward before reaching the coast.

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