Unemployed migrant found 1,500 euros and handed over to police

A purse with 1,500 euros was discovered and handed over to the authorities by a 30-year-old immigrant from Syria who is looking for daily work outside the Municipal Garden of Rethymno to send money to his family.

Kostas Psarakis, a native of Turkey and Crete, came to Rethymno from the village of Hamidi in Syria. The surname “Psarakis” is very common in this region of Syria and is the result of the professional activities of the people of this community who are fishermen, Rethymno Mayor Georgios Marinakis told ERT of Chania. Hamidi village hosted many Turkish Cretan families during the “population exchange” at the beginning of the last century.

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Greek-Turkish Population Exchange – Forced population exchange between Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria in 1923. It was the result of the defeat of Greece in the Second Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922 and the conclusion of the Lausanne Peace Treaty. The event was the last stage of the Asia Minor catastrophe.

It was carried out from May 1, 1923 in accordance with the Convention and Protocol signed between Greece and the Turkish Grand National Assembly on January 30, 1923. The exchange affected about 2 million people and was of a coercive nature, especially in relation to the Greek population of Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace. Its main goal is to homogenize the national composition of the states formed on the territory of the former Ottoman Empire, and to prevent the development of separatism on the part of potential ethno-religious minorities.

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