Gamers smash dozens of PC screens to celebrate the end of Gameathlon and 85th TIF

Gamers turned the gaming space into a “battlefield” and destroyed dozens of PC screens at the end of Gameathlon during the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair.

This “event” was the culmination of the conclusion of both Gameathlon and the 85th TIF on Sunday.

With prizes in hand, the organizers, participants and winners of the Gameathlon “banded together” and celebrated their victory by using a sledgehammer and someone’s mother to trash dozens of computer screens, according to local news site

“Superman” named Cowboy, in charge of organizing the tournament, collected all the computer screens in the center of the stage and smashed them with a sledgehammer.

Now on social media, Greeks are criticizing the digital government minister for allowing such an event when thousands of schoolchildren are desperate for computers.

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