Spain: “We overslept,” the police admitted

25,000 students gathered in Madrid for a grand return to university party, ignoring Covid-19 rules.

The Spanish police admit: “We were taken by surprise.” The media notes that this is the first party of this magnitude for the entire period of the pandemic. NewsBeast… The municipal police believe that the students used Whatsapp to organize the event:

“From Friday night to Saturday, Complutense University had thousands of people, about 25,000. Without prior notification from the university, without time to plan a business, it’s almost impossible to disperse a crowd of 25,000.”

The law enforcement officers nevertheless arrived as uninvited guests to the party, but they were fairly late – after midnight. They stayed there until dawn, but decided to confine themselves to drone surveillance and formal policing to prevent accidents on university access roads and vehicles.

A similar celebration took place in Barcelona – 8000 students attended the party at the autonomous university of the city.

Typically, around 200 police officers are sent on duty on weekends to break up open-air parties. Spain has lifted most of the restrictions, but citizens are required to wear a mask outdoors. Large gatherings are still prohibited. But many have stopped using precautions, as 3/4 of the population is now fully vaccinated.

Last Friday, the country recorded 3,222 new cases of coronavirus and 44 deaths. The total number of infections reached 4 929 546 people, the death toll – 85 783 people, according to ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ.

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