Instead of Paris, the plane landed in Beijing

The Air France plane, which took off from China in the direction of the French capital, was forced to return to Beijing due to a “technical problem”. The landing was “normal,” the airline said.

The decision to return to the capital of China was made by the crew of the Boeing-777 flight AF393 after an explosion in the rear of the liner. The press release states:

“The crew decided to return to Beijing after a 14-minute flight after discovering a technical problem. The plane landed normally in Beijing at 04.03 local time. “

According to the Beijing Daily, “An explosion was heard from the rear of the cockpit and black smoke appeared inside the aircraft. Fortunately, no one was hurt. ” A source in Beijing told the French agency about the smoke, but Air France and the airport authorities in China did not comment on the newspaper’s information.

In an interview with AFP, Air France announced that passengers will be flown to Paris on a different plane this afternoon, which specially flew from Seoul to Beijing without passengers. A French airline spokesman says:

“Crews are often trained in this situation,” and the incident is part of the scenarios they are considering. Before the plane is put into operation again, it will be undergoing repair work. “

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