Efood: the letter provoked a violent reaction from the couriers and customers of the company

Efood’s decision to send 115 of its couriers an email informing them that their working relationship with the company is changing to freelancing has sparked a storm of social media reactions.

In an email to the delivery staff, the company informed low-rated workers that they would either become freelancers or lose their jobs. The company justified its decision “in the context of increasing the productivity of the vehicle fleet [компании] and its broader strategy. “

Couriers responded by posting it on social networks, after which the information went viral. The company’s customer community took this letter as blackmail and sparked a huge wave of solidarity with the couriers.

Using hashtags #cancel_efood, thousands of Greeks reportedthat they have removed the Efood app from their devices and will no longer use the service, in protest against the company’s approach to labor rights.

A union representing workers in hotels, tourism and catering accused the company of “blackmail”:

“The information that many of the courier colleagues from the company had that they were not renewing their contract and were switching to a“ cooperative ”model meant layoffs. This is a tool that allows you to get rid of the labor and insurance rights of couriers at any convenient time. Such a tool is the assessment of work, where, with the so-called performance criteria, the intensification of work, long reception and delivery distances have increased. “

The union accuses the company of “blackmailing low-rated couriers in the face of a dilemma: unemployed or partner. By “partner” means the implementation of the new state law on the profile of the freelancer, which provides for a six-month fixed-term contract, exempting the company from insurance premiums, Christmas and Easter gifts when paid in installments. “

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