Ankara Games based on Turkey-Libya Memorandum

For the past 24 hours, Turkish warships have prevented the research vessel Nautical Geo, which was investigating possible locations for the East Med pipeline on behalf of the Greek state, from moving beyond the 6-mile sea area east of Crete.

Protracted situation in the region east of Crete since signing Turkish-Libyan memorandum, also found its reflection in the events of the last days in the region. However, when the French research vessel Nautical Geo (under the Malta flag) has attempted to conduct surveys in the area east of Crete for the past 24 hours, in the context of mapping a possible Eastern Mediterranean pipeline route, each time it went out of territorial waters ( 6 nautical miles), Turkish warships came out to meet him, who ordered him to turn back by radio.

This time, the problem came to light thanks to the Greek NAVTEX, which talks about the research from September 16 to 22, and the anti-NAVTEX of the Turkish side, according to which Athens has no jurisdiction beyond six nautical miles east of Crete.

This is a practical implementation of the “naval strategy” of the now retired Admiral Chihat Yaichi, who noted that Turkey should not deviate from the point of view that the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea have six miles of territorial waters and no other sea zone (obviously a hint of the continental shelf ).

Trilateral meeting

At the same time, yesterday, sources in the Cypriot government confirmed that a trilateral meeting will finally take place in New York on September 27 with the participation of Nikos Anastasiadis, Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the sidelines of the General Assembly in New York. Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will be in New York for the next week, while Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who is due to speak next Sunday, will arrive in New York on Wednesday.

At the moment, Mr. Dendias will meet with his colleagues from Egypt, Gambia, Costa Rica, Gabon, the Republic of Cyprus, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Panama, Armenia, Ghana, Sudan, Megan and Fiji. In addition, he will take part in an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers, and a trilateral meeting between Greece, Egypt and the Republic of Cyprus is scheduled for Thursday.

On Friday, following participation in the plenary session, which will be addressed by Mr. Anastasiadis, a 3 + 1 quadripartite meeting (Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the United States) will take place, with the participation of US Deputy Foreign Secretary Victoria Nuland.

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