Why did a teenager from Arcadia die?

The fifteen-year-old boy, who died suddenly two days after vaccination, was healthy and strong, his relatives say.

The family of a guy from Manteika (Arcadia) is awaiting the results of a forensic medical examination, which was carried out by the services of the University of Athens. Relatives are sure – if death of a teenager is associated with vaccination, this fact cannot be hidden.

However, the president of the Greek Society of Forensic Medicine, Grigoris Leon, explains that vaccination is only one of the possible causes of death. At this age, children sometimes die from previously undetected heart disease, and everything happens quickly and unpredictably, as in this case. After Friday’s vaccination, everything was fine, the young man did not complain about anything, and on Monday morning he was found dead in his bed. Ms Georgakopulu believes that the answer to the question about the cause of death will not be given quickly:

“At the first stage, we were told that he had fluid in his lungs. We will wait for the results of all exams, they say, for two months. His parents and relatives believe that it is from the vaccine. He was a very strong child. We do not want to hide the problem, if it is from the vaccine, this is what we want. “

Regarding the appeal to the court in connection with the death of a teenager, Ms. Georgakopulu noted that it is necessary to wait for the results and, depending on them, decide: “They think very seriously, in my opinion, this is what they should do.”

An autopsy has not determined the cause of death, toxicological and histological studies are pending. Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said:

“The forensic investigation continues, and we are awaiting the results of the examination. Some people shouldn’t be spreading false news on the internet. At this age, there are sudden deaths, we do not yet know the cause. “

Greek Forensic Society President Gregory Leon notes:

“No possibility can be ruled out until the entire set of medical tests has been carried out and the overall result has come out. But I want to say that at this age there are deaths from congenital heart defects. We have seen this in young athletes. We don’t know the reason. In other words, we can observe sudden death from cardiomyopathy, which was never detected until the moment the person died. ”

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