December 11, 2023

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Two MEPs from "ND" abstain from voting in EU parliament on same-sex marriage

Two MEPs from the ruling New Democracy Party abstained from voting on a European Parliament resolution calling for inter-bloc recognition of same-sex marriage.

The project was approved by 387 MEPs, 161 voted against, 123 abstained.

According to available information, Anna-Michel Azimakopoulou was on the list of 123 abstaining, and Manolis Kefalogiannis did not even participate in the vote. New Democracy spokesman Stelios Kimpuropoulos voted in favor of the resolution.

Emanuel Fragkos of the right-wing Elliniki Lisi party voted against, while the MEPs from the Communist Party (KKE) abstained.

99 members of the European Conservatives bloc abstained, 53 voted for and 20 voted against.

The resolution states that same-sex marriages and partnerships concluded in one EU member state should be recognized by all and that spouses and partners should be treated equally as heterosexual.

He also calls on the European Commission to take action against Romania, Hungary and Poland for violating LGBTIQ rights and EU values.

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