Talib tours from Krasnoyarsk

Entrepreneurial entrepreneurs from Krasnoyarsk have begun preparations for the launch of tourist trips to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for extreme lovers.

Hot Taliban tours

While people are fleeing Afghanistan, a Krasnoyarsk travel agent announced the launch of business tours there. For 350 thousand, Galina Zhdanova promised entrepreneurs with apparently urgent matters in a hot spot a comfortable trip to visit the Taliban * – with a five-star hotel and the ability to order security. “360” figured out how safe it was.

Organization of tours to Afghanistan

The specialist promises to select a direction for only 10 thousand rubles. But 350 thousand already include help with documents, a flight to Kabul via Istanbul in 35 hours, a reservation of a five-star hotel with a swimming pool. Entrepreneurs can also order security for a car or a personal bodyguard. There is also an excursion with a Russian guide, and photos with sights and local residents. Zhdanova published such an announcement in one of the ad services. True, the message did not hang there for a long time – it was deleted.
Zhdanova said that the idea to organize a trip to Afghanistan came to her after an acquaintance had been there.

“The idea to create a Talib * -tour arose after a regular client of mine contacted me. He had a meeting with business partners there. I calculated everything and worked out this tour. I decided to offer it to everyone. After all, Afghanistan is a very beautiful and little-known country. I myself do not get into politics, I do not contact terrorists. Everything is carried out through official channels, “Zhdanova said in a conversation with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

At the same time, the travel agent warned that all tourists will receive full instructions before the trip.

Danger of travel

Tours to Afghanistan are an option for desperate tourists, thrill-seekers. And the presence of such tours is a serious challenge to the Russian law enforcement system, said Vladimir Orlov, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Journalism, in a conversation with 360. In his opinion, the authorities should be interested and check such trips. After all, travel to Afghanistan for Russians today is a threat to security, regardless of whether there is a bodyguard or not.
Afghanistan is an unstable quasi-education. Today it cannot be called a full-fledged state. The regime controlling this territory is the regime of the terrorist organization Taliban * banned in Russia, with all the ensuing consequences
The interlocutor noted that there are times when a person really needs – for work or personal matters – to travel to an unstable region. To do this, you need to establish communication with the host and try not to disrupt the existing way of life there.

“No one will be on the spot to deal with you, clatter, find out where you came from – from Russia, Europe or somewhere else. They will deal with you rather harshly, and then you will ask: “Where is the Russian consul who did not come to me,” Orlov said.

Travel to hot spots

Even before the tours to Afghanistan, the Russians had already traveled to other regions where it was rather unsafe. According to Orlov, the same Syria has never been particularly closed. Flights between Moscow and Damascus were carried out even in the most difficult times – 2012-2013. Then Damascus was already surrounded. Many Russians, who had to travel to Damascus for work, traveled, for example, there through Beirut, negotiating with the guides and giving them gifts.

“But at the same time, Syria has never been closed. There were, of course, regions controlled by terrorists. There was no need to go there. And those regions that were under the current government <...> were quite accessible, it was easy to move there, ”the interlocutor explained.

At the same time, he recalled tours to Ukraine. In 2014, there were a lot of ads on the Web in which businessmen were offered various kinds of tours – “shoot at the separatists”. According to Orlov, some people who went there were killed. Meanwhile, the organizers “just shrugged their shoulders.”

The head of the travel agency Go travel Natalia Anstal told 360 that during the military coup in Egypt in 2013, Russians still tried to buy tickets there.

“When martial law was introduced in Egypt, people directly bought tours, although there were no return flights. That is, they flew there, knowing that it was not clear how to return. They wanted to fly like this. So, basically, I’m not very surprised, ”she said.

At the same time, Anstal noted that the cost of the Talib * -tour is quite adequate. However, the announcement of such trips was considered an attempt to attract attention. After all, Galina Zhdanova is not only a tour operator, but also a model and blogger.

The tour program includes:

1. Inspection of the palace of Marshal Dostum and the houses of members of the former government of Afghanistan. For a fee, you can take a picture in the uniform of the marshal with all his awards.
2. Accommodation in converted cells of the American prison in Bagram. Elite clients can rent a room in the cells where the current rulers of Afghanistan were sitting.
3. Visiting poppy fields with tasting of products and the opportunity to buy them from hardworking Afghan peasants.
4. Take a ride in a martyr-mobile across Kabul with an experienced guide who didn’t have time …
5. Night burning of the flags of the United States and Britain (flags in the range) and victorious shooting from a machine gun into the air.
6. Attending a meeting of the Sharia court and public flogging.
7. Hike to the trophy bazaar, with the opportunity to buy the original American uniform, awards, documents and other items of late Afghan cultural life.

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