For the death of a child, the owners of Rottweilers face … a fine, they are unhappy

The court put an end to the tragedy five years ago, when a little boy in Kozani died from being bitten by Rottweilers.

The Greek court sentenced the owners of the dogs, who later bit the deceased 5-year-old boy, to five years in prison. However, they will not have to sit if the spouses pay monetary compensation – 20 euros for each day of the established sentence, says Proto Topic.

In April 2016, on Easter Sunday, the mother of the deceased boy came with him to her friends. It all happened in the city of Kozani, in the north of Greece. At some point, 2 Rottweilers, which the owners kept in a special enclosure, broke the fence and pounced on the baby. The child in a coma, with multiple injuries to the face and neck, was taken to the hospital. Despite the operation and the incredible efforts of the doctors, the boy died.

Yesterday, September 15, the Kozani Criminal Court sentenced the Rottweiler owners to 5 years in prison. Convicted persons have the opportunity to pay off their prison term by paying 20 euros for each day of imprisonment. In the meantime, by September 30, the spouses need to pay a deposit in the amount of 10,000 euros for each. The verdict says:

“Both the owner of the dogs and his wife can, for 36,500 euros each, pay off the punishment and be free, despite the tragic death of little Statis due to their criminal negligence.”

In addition, the court decision provides for the appearance of 2 times a week in the police, the inability to leave the country and a ban on keeping pets. However, this decision of the servants of Themis caused outrage among the accused. The owner of the dogs, as one would expect, shows no remorse at all. He blames the hospital doctors for the death of the baby, who could not save him, and intends to appeal. In addition, he refers to financial difficulties preventing him from paying the bail. He declared:

“It is completely unacceptable for the Greek judicial system to have such judicial officials. We will be acquitted on appeal because the mistakes of the Kozani hospital were criminal.”

Earlier our publication reported that libel suit The owner of the dog filed a request for financial compensation in the amount of 200,000 euros against the mother of a 5-year-old child who died horribly as a result of a Rottweiler attack on Easter 2016 in Kozani. According to, with reference to the relevant information, according to the plaintiff, the mother of a 5-year-old child who died from the bites of two dogs in her television interviews on national and international television channels slanders him, as a result of which she blackened his name and caused moral damage. “Who gave her the right to call me a murderer and a criminal?”

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