“First went”: Italy introduces compulsory vaccination of workers in all spheres

Italy became the first country in the world to introduce compulsory vaccination for all workers and employees, regardless of the field of activity.

According to Corriere della Sera, from 15 October, all Italian workers will need a covid certificate. Without it, it will be impossible to get to the workplace, be it a factory, office or trade enterprise. By analogy with the currently existing control in educational institutions, special office managers or executives will check green certificates.

In the absence of a certificate, employees face a fine of up to 1,000 euros. Absence from the workplace for five days (due to lack of a document) gives the employer the right to terminate the contract without paying any compensation.

Previously, Italy introduced covid passes for long-distance travel and universities. The Green Pass can be obtained 15 days after the first vaccination, provided that an EMA-approved vaccine has been used, for all citizens over 12 years of age. An analogue of vaccination for its production is a negative PCR test or an antibody test. But in this case, the validity of the covid passport is limited to 48 hours. Those who have been ill with Covid-19 over the past 6 months also have the right to receive a certificate.

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