“Forward, Yulia Nova, the people are with you!” – fans raised banners in support of the model.

The Omonia May 29 Football Fan Association raised banners in support of Ukrainian model Yulia Novaya after she was attacked with criticism for the USSR T-shirt she wore.

The post of Yulia Novaya, in which she was wearing a T-shirt with a hammer and sickle and the abbreviation USSR, caused a lot of responses on social networks. The model, a native of Ukraine, admitted that she received many attacks, insults and negative comments.

Members of the football fanclub Omonia on May 29 (Ομόνοια 29ης Μαΐου) of Cyprus during the match raised banners with a hammer and sickle, and the slogan “Julia Nova, go ahead, people are with you.”

This slogan was written on the banner and appeared in the team’s recent match against Agia Napa (Αγίας Νάπας.).

Participants of the LoveIt (Love is) program “on the Greek TV channel Sky wonder where people get so much anger and why they pounced on Yulia. They are apparently not aware that such hatred of dissent is the modern realities of” European and democratic “Ukraine …

Yulia Nova (I) is from Ukraine, a country that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. However, she has not previously spoken openly about her political beliefs. In her instagram, the girl said the following:

“I went for a walk with my good friend (who also came from the Soviet Union) and I felt hot. So I asked a friend to lend me a short-sleeved T-shirt she had with her. A little later, I took a spontaneous photo of the walk, because I liked the moment. I didn’t pay attention to what was on this T-shirt.

I posted this photo and I see that in my comments and on Instagram, the post is starting to turn into a mess, not understanding why. I was very upset when I read them. I don’t like to provoke at all, it was just a wonderful moment that I wanted to share.

But me and my friend, who grew up in the Soviet Union, we had a lot of good childhood memories from there. And after all, what’s wrong with being a communist, as they said in the comments, don’t we have democracy? Will everyone be what they want? What is evil? Does it exist? So many t-shirt attacks? Photo? I didn’t believe everything that happened. I was upset, very upset. “

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Later, Julia made a post, writing a response to negative comments to explain the reasons that led her to this post. Clarifying that she is not involved in politics, the girl said that she was wearing “a T-shirt that just reminded me of something from my childhood that I had not bad memories, but beautiful ones,” and asked her critics to let people express themselves freely. your opinion.

“The fact that I shared with you and said how we lived in the Soviet Union has nothing to do with what was written about me on the Internet, and this is clearly not my fault,” she added, referring to the comment taken on Instagram. “As long as the Soviet Union was, no one was hungry, they had free education, free medical treatment and, as a rule, people did not have a bad quality of life.”

Finally, the model stated that these people wanted her to lose the baby she is pregnant with as she is late in her life.

The reaction of the journalist and deputy of parliament from the “New Democracy” Konstantinos Bogdanos, who stated that “the USSR was the most terrible dictatorship and historians have proved that under the USSR, during the Holodomor, from 3.5 to 11 million people were destroyed” …

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

In this context, the reaction of Konstantinos Bogdanos, a journalist and deputy of parliament from the “New Democracy” human”.

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