Afghan refugees raped and killed 13-year-old girl in Vienna

A group of Afghans are suspected of rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl, whose corpse was found in Vienna on June 26.

One of the accused was an Afghan refugee who applied for asylum in the UK, all other criminals are from Asian countries, according to Sky News. The corpse of the child was found wrapped in a carpet.

Our edition talked about this case and that two suspects were detained. Retaliation overtook another, involved in the crime, a refugee from Afghanistan. He was arrested and charged with involvement in the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in Austria. Little is known about the victim of a heinous crime – her name was Leoni. The police investigation data is shocking: a teenage girl was drugged, then raped by all members of the group and suffocated to death.

The arrested 22-year-old Afghan arrived in Europe on a boat with refugees, under an assumed name. On July 18, that is, after committing a brutal crime, he came to Great Britain and applied for asylum. After that, the young man was placed in one of the hotels in the British capital, with all the amenities, where he was detained 2 weeks later, to his deep regret. His arrest was preceded by negotiations between the Austrian and British police. The investigation of the case continues.

Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Chancellor, was furious at the news of the crime. He called delusions and “false tolerance” psychological speculations about the possible traumatic experiences of the alleged murderers and parental responsibility for the death of a daughter. Kurz said that the rules for admitting refugees need to be reviewed and tightened as much as possible. In the meantime … the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already promised to deport the perpetrators if the investigation confirms their participation in the crime.

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