Visit of members of the Greek party PAKIEF to Sevastopol

From August 24 to August 29, a delegation from the PAKIEF party (Pan-Greek movement of Greek-Russian friendship) was in Sevastopol.

On August 27, in Sevastopol, a round table was held on tourism between Greece and Sevastopol, at which issues of business cooperation between the countries were discussed.

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Representatives of the travel industry were invited to the meeting, presenting the tourism opportunities of Sevastopol, as well as their tourism products and possible mechanisms of cooperation with Greece.

Particular attention is drawn to the project via ferrata, as part of the active tourism route “Great Sevastopol Trail”. I would like to note that popular routes in Europe are paid. It is noted that the members of the Greek delegation were surprised that this route is state-owned and is available free of charge to everyone.

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Sevastopol is a sacred place for both Russians and Greeks. In ancient Chersonesos, Prince Vladimir was baptized, here is the birthplace and source of the Orthodox faith in Russia. This is one of the uniting factors of our peoples, Chersonesos occupies a significant place in the common history.

On August 28, the International Festival of Antiquity “Days of Greek Culture in Sevastopol” was held in the historical and archaeological museum-reserve “Chersonesos Taurichesky”.

The festival was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the regional national public organization and the Orthodox holiday of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos. It was attended by:

Presenters: Honored Artist of Russia Euclid Kurdzidis and Honored Artist of Russia Ksenia Georgiadi.

The festival featured:

Honored Artist of Russia Ksenia Georgiadi. Mila Romanidi, singer of Soviet and Russian pop music of Greco-Slavic origin. Singer Maxim Kharisov. Folk dance ensemble “Youth” of the House of Culture of the Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky, head Bilyk Yuri. Holders of the Golden Order for their contribution to the development of folk choreography, the honorary title “The Best Ensemble of the South of Russia” according to the results of the All-Russian festival “Terpsichore of Russia”, laureates of the “9 Wave” TV channel award, prize-winners of international and all-Russian competitions EXEMPLARY ENSEMBLE Population Friendship of Peoples Janis, Elizaveta Efimova. Choreographer Kokoeva Angela.

The audience was delighted with the performances of their favorite actors, danced and sang along with the performers.

On August 29, in the city of Livadia, the members of the delegation met with the Permanent Representative of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muratov.

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During the meeting, the members of the delegation discussed issues of cooperation between Greece and the Crimea, as well as points regarding the historical ties of the Greeks of the Crimea and the modern Greek Republic.

The visit was supported by the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and the Government of Crimea, as well as the Presidential Grants Fund and Ivan Savvidi (FNC of Greeks of Russia).

The PAKIEF delegation attending the visit was quite representative:

Konstantinos Antoniadis, Municipal Councilor of the city of Avdiron. Dimitra Samara, Deputy Chairman of the PAKIEF Party (Panhellenic Movement of Greek-Russian Friendship) for Greek Abroad Affairs, UPF Peace Ambassador to the UN. Panayiotis Grigoriadis, Municipal Councilor of the city of Acharnes. Georgios Iosifides, Deputy Chairman of the PAKIEF Party.

Briefly about the party

The party was founded in 2018 under the leadership of Ioannis Kotsailidis.

The main directions of movement:

Protection of our freedom, national independence, territorial integrity of our country and national interests; observance and protection of the Constitution; respect for democratic citizenship and the strengthening of democratic institutions that flow from it; ensuring equality, meritocracy, solidarity, social justice and transparency in the use of public funds; the use of all our productive forces and capabilities based on the primary sector of the economy and new technologies; the economic independence of our country from all kinds of “slave agreements” acting against our people; ensuring public safety and combating crime; cultural restoration of the country by promoting our national archives, rather than imitating foreign ones; preventing the country’s international isolation and striving for geopolitical alliances with other countries; the desire to unite all European peoples, from Gibraltar to the Urals; further development of friendly relations and closer cooperation between Greece and Russia within the framework of reciprocity and common interests of both peoples; a gradual geopolitical turn of the country towards a great, historical, friendly Russia within the framework of a polycentric foreign policy.

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