“This is a real horror film” – a daughter about parting with Menshov in intensive care

Actress Yulia Menshova spoke about the farewell to her father, the famous Russian director Vladimir Menshov, in the intensive care unit and about her impressions of the situation in the hospital.

Yulia Menshova told how, after much persuasion, the doctors allowed her to meet with her father in the intensive care unit – it is strictly forbidden for outsiders to be there. Therefore, for the meeting, she had to put on a special protective suit. The artist says:

“It was pretty scary. It’s not just a” red “zone, but such a” burgundy “area. You should see this place. This is a real horror film, you know, this is a disaster film. they (exhausted doctors) lie on these sofas, face down, sleeping – this is an incredible level of feat. “

Menshova says that, despite her vestments, her father immediately recognized her:

“We could not talk because he was under a mask that could not be removed. Because his saturation immediately dropped.”

To please the patient, the daughter brought him an ear from his favorite restaurant. At some point, the doctors still allowed the director to take off the mask, and he immediately asked: “What did you bring me?”, Delighted with the treat. Julia hoped that her meeting with her dad would not be the last:

“I wanted to hold his hand, I wanted him to know that we were near.”

The actress said that her father burned out from illness in two weeks. Recall that the legendary Russian actor and director Vladimir Menshov died on July 5, 2021 from the effects of covid.

What a shame the actress doesn’t read the “knowledgeable user” comments about doctors and intubation online. Otherwise, she would have understood that the goal of the doctors, in fact, was the banal murder of her father, which they did (ironic).

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