Tax lottery: what prizes await citizens

Significant changes will take place in the “check lottery”, a draw run by the tax authorities of the AADE every month to encourage citizens to use plastic bank cards and online payments.

The tax office AADE calculates the number of “tickets” in stages, based on the amounts corresponding to monthly transactions. And it looks like this:

For a total amount of up to 100 euros – one “lottery ticket” is calculated for every 1 euro. For the next 400 euros, that is, for a total of 101 euros to 500 euros, 1 “lottery ticket” is charged for every 2 euros. For the next 500 euros, that is, for a total of between 501 euros and 1,000 euros, 1 “lottery ticket” is awarded for every 3 euros. For an amount exceeding EUR 1001, 1 “lottery ticket” is charged for every EUR 4.

Example: for a total transaction amount of three hundred 300 euros, there are 200 virtual “tickets” that participate in the drawing. This happens automatically when making a payment with bank cards or on the Internet.

To date, 1000 lucky winners are determined in each drawing. The cash prize is 1000 euros, which are credited to the account you specified in TAXISnet.

What will be changed now
Among 24 measures to support the population announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the international exhibition ΔΕΘ, there was a reform of the tax base.

As mentioned above, under the current system, 1,000 lucky people win 1,000 euros each month (i.e. the government allocates 12 million euros per year for this).

It was decided:

• give different significance to the “lottery ticket”, depending on the percentage of the citizen’s income.
• Citizens with a lower family income and a large number of children will receive an increase in the number of “lottery tickets”, which means their chances of winning.
• monthly lottery prizes will increase to € 50,000. In addition, a special lottery with prizes of up to € 100,000 will be held at Christmas.

The Ministry of Finance reminds that the prize money is not taxed, is not considered income and is not subject to any deductions in favor of the state or a third party. The payment of the prize money will be carried out through a bank or other credit institutions. If for any reason the winner has not yet activated his account in the Taxisnet system, then after sending a personalized message, he will be given a period of three months to declare his bank account in the form of IBAN (website, to which the winnings will be credited. The amount corresponding to the prize money is credited without interest.

If the bank account has not been announced within the specified period, the amount corresponding to the prize is paid to the next beneficiaries, participants of the tax lottery. As a reminder, 1000 tax lottery winners win 1000 euros each. Taxpayers can take a peek at the published paytable by visiting the ΑΑΔΕ website:… Check if you are among the lucky ones …

ΑΑΔΕ emphasizes that taxpayers over 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the lottery. To ensure participation in monthly sweepstakes, you must make at least one transaction using a plastic card or online purchase during the previous month.

The Greek Ministry of Finance’s plan to establish a state lottery aims to encourage citizens to use plastic money / electronic payments in order to increase treasury revenues, VAT and income tax collection. The lottery implies that the more people make purchases with the card, the more likely it is to win.

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