Greek government calls for “traditional” relationship

Well-known Greek figures are calling for an end to the imposition of non-traditional relations on society, referring at the same time to “common European values”.

The newspaper “Proto Theme” writes about the growing disagreement of Greek scientists and entrepreneurs, officials and university professors, entrepreneurs and diplomats, cultural figures with a “national strategy of equality” between heterosexuals and homosexuals. They express growing concern about sex education in children’s schools.

According to the newspaper, 160 prominent figures signed an appeal on the problem of the crisis of institutions and values ​​of education against the background of the existential crisis that the country is experiencing as a result of the growing asymmetric threats from Turkey.

Three months ago, members of the National LGBT Equality Strategy Commission presented Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, a roadmap to combat LGBT discrimination. The prime minister’s press office then said that it set out guidelines for combating discrimination and promoting equality, based on the strategy adopted by the European Union and foreign best practices. Mitsotakis called the plan a “bold modernization step” for society. The appeal says:

“Our country is faced with an acute demographic problem, and first of all, we should take care of strengthening the Greek family and increasing the birth rate. and customs that have long been the basis for the continuation, survival and prospects of Greek culture. “

The authors of the letter argue that “the acceptance of homosexual preferences by society is a given of the” free will “of the individual, and not a matter of politics or education.” They ask a simple question: “What will be the consequences for the family and society from the implementation of this kind of policy?”

Their concern and concern is the reference to European legislation and the need to harmonize Greece with the institutional and legal framework of the European Union. The signatories to the appeal mention Article 2 of the Treaty of Rome: A united Europe “will respect the rich cultural and linguistic diversity, will protect and promote the European cultural heritage.” On the contrary, as the declaration says:

“It is not the task of Brussels and the EU to impose on Greek society, through small minorities, such unacceptable rules that promote diversity standards (harmful in sensitive childhood) that exceed the common European value of tolerance. certain common European values ​​(such as freedom, democracy, the rule of law, tolerance, etc.), or clearly defined human rights, is an abuse, a violation of the principle of tolerance and an attempt to impose on society standards, rules and practices that are extremely few, alien and unacceptable for a significant social majority in the EU member states. “

The authors state that the introduction of sex education in preschool and primary education in Greece is “even more troubling”. They urge not to rely on “common European values” to justify offensive policies and laws that are contrary to the feelings of the overwhelming majority of the Greek people and undermine their morality and traditions:

“We are calling for the abolition of these provocative rules, which dangerously divide our society, at a time of multidimensional existential crisis, the confrontation of which requires unity, solidarity and the mobilization of all the forces of the Greek nation.”

Among the 160 signatories are academicians and former presidents of the Athenian Academy Kontopoulos Georgios, Kunadis Antonios, Valtinos Athanasios and Imelos Stefanos, former Minister of National Defense Francos Frangoulis, former chiefs of the General Staff of the National Defense Skarvelis Dimitrios and Grapsas Dimitrios Prodigios, former Deputy Genniprios Fotopaglouros General Inspector of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis, professors Mazis Yannis and Grivas Kostas, former ambassadors Pukamisas Georgios, Nearhu Periklis, Gunaris Manolis and many others.

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