“89% of those vaccinated in Ireland are the result of high education”

Ireland’s Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne believes that the country’s population has achieved a high percentage of vaccinations thanks to its education and responsibility.

To date, 89% of the population over the age of 12 has received at least one dose of the vaccine, so the country has been relatively little affected by the pandemic. Byrne says:

“I know that in Latvia, for example, things are worse, and I want to emphasize that with such a high level of vaccination, we manage to protect people from getting sick and going to hospitals.”

The minister explains such a high level of vaccination by a significant proportion of educated people in the country, because Ireland has considered education a priority for decades:

“We have a very high level of tertiary education and almost 100% of the population has a secondary education. There is no doubt that education directly affects the level of vaccination and the perception of propaganda.”

Thomas Byrne noted that the Irish trust both government institutions and science:

“Advocacy in Ireland has certainly been tried, but our economy is so grounded in this educated workforce that society clearly sees that technological development and science are contributing not only to public health but to the economy itself. I agree with that propaganda and social media are at the heart of the problem. Perhaps the only way to counter this is for people who support vaccines to be very active on social media. “

Byrne says his country is also fighting the spread of false fakes on social media:

“Ireland has strong anti-libel laws, but they still need to be balanced with the principles of freedom of expression.”

RA reference: for the entire period of the pandemic, 365 thousand coronavirus infections were registered in Ireland, of which 5155 people died.

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