“X-hour” is approaching – on September 15, the trial in the case of the attack with sulfuric acid begins

The incident, as a result of which a young woman was left disabled with a disfigured face, took place on May 20 last year. A few days later, the trial begins.

The victim Joanna decided to take part in the trial. She hopes that the support of relatives, friends and simply caring people will give her strength to endure a difficult test:

“I hope that hugging people will give me the courage to do it.”

Joanna Paliospiru decided to stand trial and look into the eyes of the woman who splashed acid in her face in May 2020 and changed her life forever. Joanna said on Mega that she wants to participate in the trial, which begins on September 15, and hopes for a fair retribution:

The pressure is great. Some people who are very close to me advise to reconsider my presence at the trial and not to force myself, fearing that I will not be able to cope with it. But I want to be there. No shame and no fear. Because I always choose to face my fears. I hope that the hugs of people will give me the courage to do this. And I hope for an exemplary punishment for the criminal, so that no one else will ever be in my place.

As for the consequences of the attack, Joanna bitterly noted that they are irreversible and will forever leave her with disabilities and deformities.

As our publication reported, in the Kallithea metropolitan area, where a large number of immigrants from the former USSR live, on May 20 last year there was an attack – one woman doused another with sulfuric acid. Joanna went to work in the office that day. At 09:40 she entered the entrance of the building located on Fiseos Street (Kallithea) and stopped at the elevator. At that moment, a “dressed in black” woman in a protective mask approached her and suddenly splashed some liquid on her. As it turned out, it was sulfuric acid that got on the face and body of the victim.

After that, 34-year-old Ioanna was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed a chemical burn of 20% of the patient’s body. Law enforcement authorities immediately launched an investigation into the brutal attack, allegedly for personal reasons. According to preliminary information, the attacker committed a crime because of hatred of the victim.

One year later injured girl found the strength and courage to publicly show her face, giving the magazine “OK!” the right to publish her photo. After 10 operations, John, whose life collapsed overnight, is forced to wear a hard plastic mask that “holds” her face and helps stabilize the healing tissues. But still, the burns on her face are noticeable, as well as on her hands. Maria Kalofonu, director of the plastic surgery and burn department at the Triasio Hospital, told in the Ευτυχείτε program that Ioanna knew from the first moment about her health condition and prognosis:

“The burns are very deep and widespread, spread over a large part of the body. In addition to the face, the hands and chest were affected. There are some burns on the side and back. Joanna knew the truth from the first moment. During the first few days, we gradually told her how things really were and never lied to her. She knew from the beginning that she had a long way to go. “

For three months the patient was treated in the burn center of the Triasio hospital. She underwent 10 recovery operations and is now at home. Alas, John still has too long a road to recover.

According to Collegium No. 1510/2021 of the Athens Council of Criminal Courts, the accused must stand trial for the crime of attempted murder, and not for the grievous bodily harm she requested. A similar proposal was made by the prosecutor.

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