Unexpected tavern visitor

An unexpected guest visited one of the taverns located in the region of Northern Evia. A wild boar, in search of food, “looked at the light.”

Recently, there have been more cases when wild boars walk around villages and cities. Something similar happened in a tavern in the village of Prokopi on Sunday afternoon.

While people were enjoying their food outside the tavern, a wild boar prowled around, attracted by the delicious smell. According to evima.gr, he was hungry, but calm, and did not cause any problems, except for the initial “appearance in all its glory.”

Possibility of road accidents
A local resident said that more and more wild boars are coming down to settlements. They are not aggressive, but dangerous as they can cause traffic accidents.

“Recently, we have often seen herds of wild boars walking around the neighborhood. When they have no food, they descend from the mountains and look for food for themselves, rummaging in garbage containers. Even if they are harmless on their own, they can still cause problems. And our biggest fear is the risk of accidents, which have often happened recently, as wild animals suddenly appear on the road, ”said the resident of Evia.

Residents, however, do not feel calm, claiming that “wild pigs go to our village in whole broods, And almost daily rummage in the village garbage. They are not afraid of cars passing by. Besides, watchdogs do not react to them, peacefully watching boars pass through them. “

The animals, fortunately, are still behaving peacefully. But there are already psychotraumas. According to the villagers, the wild boars scared a woman with a child in her arms, and one man, who was walking after abundant libations in a tavern with friends, instantly sobered up when he saw the green eyes of a hog glowing in the dark.

Due to a large-scale fire, wild animals cannot find food for themselves (acorns and others), and therefore are forced to go to people so as not to starve to death.

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