The lost fisherman spent 5 days on the high seas, without food or water

A fisherman who went fishing in the Thermaikos Gulf “got lost” in the open sea and was found on Velika (Larissa) beach 5 days later.

The local resident, who had been missing since Wednesday when he went to sea, was fortunately found safe and sound. His adventure lasted five days. Everyone was looking in the area of ​​Nea Kallikratia (Thermaikos), but the sea carried the boat out into the open sea, and the “unfortunate traveler” ended up on Velika beach.

The emaciated man was taken to the Κέντρο Υγείας της Αγιάς medical facility for examination. The patient appeared to be completely healthy, apart from some dehydration.

The shocked family of a 62-year-old man described what they had to experience for five days and four nights when their breadwinner went missing. “When he returned home safe and sound, we went to church to pray and thank God for the miraculous salvation!” Said a family member of the fisherman.

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