Increase in prices for essential goods by 10-15%

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis advised citizens to remain calm in his speech on ERT1, keeping in mind the expected wave of price increases:

“Since the global price increase for everything and everyone, from electricity tariffs to raw materials, will ultimately increase the total cost of goods and products. This is a phenomenon faced by all states, especially the developed countries of the West, which, obviously, will affect Greece as well. Most likely, the increase will not be constant, but abrupt. The trend will have some temporal characteristics associated with the normalization of the market after the quarantine, which caused very big problems. “

Tsunami: rise in prices for essential goods by 10-15%, which products will rise in prices and why
In autumn, the “tsunami” will hit more than 500 items of goods. The Minister noted that the government is monitoring this phenomenon, and referred to the statement to be made on Saturday 11/09 at the international exhibition ΔΕΘ by Kiryakos Mitsotakis, and in particular the announcement of some assistance measures aimed at vulnerable groups in some areas, in within which the state can act.

“The government will carefully consider various measures. There are no easy solutions, ”he said, stressing that there are no measures without consequences. “If you look at the sharp jump in prices (air pollution tariffs) that occurred last year from 22 to 63 euros per tonne, you will understand that if we supported energy production in Greece from lignite (which is the most polluting the process of energy generation), you will see what low electricity prices were in the country, ”said Mr. Georgiadis.

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