Sushi bar … for dogs

One of the restaurants in Thessaloniki has a special menu for dogs. Citizens who cannot part with their four-legged pet for a minute can come here and treat their pet … sushi!

Yannis and Luther take a stroll through eastern Thessaloniki, ending up on the pedestrianized street of Kalamaria. They came to the restaurant and intend to taste the yummy.

Luther is just one of the many regulars at this hospitable establishment. The 9-year-old French bulldog, according to its owner, knows in advance that today they will go to a restaurant, and does not find a place for himself, languishing with anticipation …

“He knows exactly where we are going and waits for him to be offered water, and then the ‘signature dish’. Food is delivered to him in a disposable package,” says dog owner Yiannis Sertaridis.

“We come here often, and this is probably the only food service that treats me and Luther equally well. This is the place where I can take my dog ​​with me when I intend to dine out with friends,” he adds.

“I usually order a cocktail and something to eat, and every time I feed Luther here. “Yes… food disappears in his mouth in a very short time, but the pleasure it brings and the comfort he feels in this space allows us to drop in often and stay here for hours,” he says.

The 33-year-old owner of a coffee shop in Ladadik characterizes Luther not as a pet, but as his four-legged inseparable friend, pointing out that in addition to the hours he works, he spends the rest of the day with his four-legged pet: walks with him, goes on vacation taking with you.

The history of a dog-friendly restaurant

The catering establishment opened in 2017, and from the first day of work, a special page for dogs appeared on the menu.

“The idea was born even before we started our business. Once we saw in a documentary that something similar was happening abroad. In other words, sushi should be served to dogs in restaurants where the owners can dine with their four-legged friends at the same time, ”says 46-year-old shop owner Eleni Mihopulu.

“So when we made the decision to open the restaurant, we wanted to make it animal-friendly, so people know we can take customers along with their pets, and that was the best way to prove it,” she adds.

Menu for dogs

Sushi with salmon, beef or chicken – three options that will drive four-legged gourmets crazy! “The menu for the dogs was compiled by a veterinarian and consists of ingredients that have not been processed, contain no spices, no sauce and are also free of fat,” Ms Mikopulu explains. “This is rice, which is different from the sushi we eat because it has no vinegar or sugar. The nori leaf (which is wrapped with stuffed rice) does not harm animals, does not cause them allergies, nor does boiled Carrots Dog sushi is salmon, chicken or beef with cream cheese wrapped in rice with carrots and nori leaf. This dish is a favorite for most dogs, “says the restaurant owner.

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