Tragedy at sea: 2 tourists from Belgium drowned in Greece

Belgian tourists, about 65 years old, could not cope with the waves and drowned in the beach area of ​​Rethymno. The day ended more safely for the Ukrainian tourist.

According to Creta24, tourists decided to swim, not paying attention to the not very favorable conditions for this. Feeling that they could not cope with the waves, they gave a signal for help, and the bathers present nearby pulled them ashore.

An EKAB ambulance arrived on call to provide first aid to the injured and take them to the hospital. However, doctors were only able to take the unconscious elderly tourists to the hospital, where their death was pronounced.

Another emergency, with a happier ending, happened to a Ukrainian tourist in the Agios Antonios Patsos gorge. The mobilization of the fire brigade in Rethymno was caused by the fall and injury of a 50-year-old citizen of Ukraine while walking. Fighters of the fire brigade, as reported by APE-MPE, took the injured woman to the exit from the gorge and handed over to the ambulance doctors ΕΚΑΒ.

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