Virology scientists explain COVID-19 outbreak in successfully vaccinated Israel

The paradoxical increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Israel, where most of the population is fully vaccinated, explain the immunologist Vladimir Bolibok and Professor Alexei Agranovsky.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, virologist Alexei Agranovsky claims that the increase in incidence is associated with the “delta” strain, the main difference of which from previous variants of coronavirus is greater contagiousness and more serious consequences. In addition, the effectiveness of existing vaccines against this strain is decreasing. The professor says:

“At present, in many countries, including Israel, the Delta strain dominates, capable of infecting children and adolescents who have not been sick before and who have not been vaccinated. In addition, Delta partially overcomes vaccine protection in vaccinated adults. Hence the increase in morbidity. “

However, Agranovsky notes that vaccination is not useless, as some are trying to imagine:

“According to statistics, the vaccinated are easier to tolerate COVID-19. There are much fewer serious and fatal cases among this group. The jump in incidence is estimated by the number of positive tests, but vaccines do not protect against positive PCR, but against severe consequences. “

The scientist believes that it is not yet required to modify the most effective vaccines – Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik V. But he stressed that it is possible and necessary to think about it.

Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok has a slightly different opinion. He also believes that the increase in the incidence in Israel is associated with the rampant delta strain. However, it suggests that it could have been affected by a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines against new strains:

“The effectiveness of all vaccines has actually decreased slightly. But in different ways. The most noticeable decrease in efficacy occurred with matrix vaccines. The vectors have less. “

Confirming Agranovsky’s opinion, Bolibok draws attention to the situation with morbidity and mortality from coronavirus in San Marino:

“In the same place, everyone was grafted with Sputnik. Have gone through a total vaccination. They also have a third wave now, that is, the incidence is being recorded. The country is small, so it is small in absolute terms. But nevertheless, the third wave has been going on for them since the end of June, and the mortality rate is zero. Nobody died at all. Their last citizen who died from COVID-19 was on April 26. This is the result of one hundred percent vaccination. The “Delta” virus came to them, but there were no deaths. “

The Israeli government, as stated by the country’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, will return the restrictions due to the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. According to him, “vaccinated, recovered and those who test negative for COVID will be allowed to participate in various events”. He stressed: This is a mandatory requirement, not a recommendation.

Our edition wrote on August 24 about the situation in Israel… The Ministry of Health announced on that day the highest number of SARS-CoV-2 cases recorded this year, at 10,945 in 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,010,055. Since late June, the country has been battling the Delta strain , a more contagious variant of the coronavirus. Over the past day, 24 patients with COVID-19 have died in Israel, and the total death toll during the pandemic has reached 6,880 people.

The number of patients with a severe form of the disease also increased to 690 – 24 new patients were admitted to intensive care units per day. In the active form, the coronavirus is now occurring in 74,817 people.

But it would seem not so long ago, in February of this year, we read with slight envy about the situation in Israel: “Zero mortality and a decrease in the incidence by 53% – the first country in the world has managed to stop the coronavirus march with the help of mass vaccination. “

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