Prosecutor Investigates Death Of Coronavirus Patient Who Refused Intubation

The Athens prosecutor has launched an investigation into the death of a 54-year-old female patient with the Covid-19 coronavirus, who refused intubation in an intensive care unit and sought legal assistance in support of her case through social media posts.

In the end, however, the patient intubated, but it was too late and she died

It is noted that the prosecutor did not deal with the hospital’s medical staff, but “third parties” who, according to the investigation, interfered with the timely intubation of the patient.

The judiciary intervened on Friday morning after a series of articles on websites and social media posts according to which the patient denied the coronavirus and the pandemic, but had serious health problems, was not vaccinated against Covid-19 and allegedly appointed a lawyer who had to help her prevent doctors from intubating her.

By available data On August 13, a woman posted on social media that she tested positive for Covid-19. And on August 21, she wrote that she was looking for a lawyer to make sure that doctors could not intubate her. In her message, she called for “help” and even indicated the number of the ward in the hospital where she was.

However, the state of her health was critical and the hospital management applied to the prosecutor’s office asking the authorities for permission for forced intubation.

The doctors at Evangelismos Hospital eventually received an order from the prosecutor to force the patient to be intubated “as provided by law in cases of refusal by the patient and his family in the proper performance of their duties.”

However, while negotiations were underway and the doctors received permission, the patient’s condition deteriorated sharply, and despite the intubation performed, the 54-year-old patient died.

Her husband, according to his social media posts, who is also a pandemic denier and an active anti-virus, announced her death on FB has been the target of many critical posts accusing him of being responsible for his wife’s death.

It is worth noting that in the anti-vaccine environment, it is widely believed that doctors deliberately kill patients by intubating them. It was this delusion that caused this tragedy.

According to doctors, “the woman refused to be intubated due to low oxygen levels, which prevented her from thinking adequately.”

“The need for intubation is considered mandatory when blood oxygen saturation falls below 80–75% and depends on the general picture and problems of each organism. According to the information, the patient’s oxygen level fell so low that intubation was deemed vital, ”the newspaper reports. Protothema , citing sources at the hospital.

Anti-Vakzer riot in Portugal at the beginning of the 20th century. Caricature Leonidas Freire / Wikipedia

Legal Issues: Patient Consent or Physician Decisions

Director of the hospital “Evangelismos” Dimitris Pistolas told reporters of the publication Protothemathat intubation of the patient is considered necessary in the event of hypoxemia, that is, very low oxygen levels in the body or serious electrolyte disturbances. In both cases, the patient’s level of consciousness is disturbed. “

He added that “In this case, the consent of the patient’s family is required, and in case of disagreement with the doctors, permission from the prosecutor’s office is requested to conduct the necessary medical operation.”

According to doctors, in severe cases of Covid-19, patients very often do not realize what a serious condition they are in, due to neurological and other disorders caused by complications of the disease in their body.

Director of A ‘ICU Clinic at Evangelismos, Professor of Lung Diseases Spyros Zakyntinos Tells Medical Website iatropedia, that they have intubated at least 25 coronavirus patients who refuse to consent due to complications of the disease.

He also added that patients are often unaware of the dangers because they may not have breathing problems, but they suffer from low oxygen in their blood, they are afraid and ask why I need to intubate, I would rather stay with an oxygen mask. Will we let them die because the coronavirus is what it is? Of course not.”

Criminal case

The Athens Prosecutor’s Office has launched a preliminary investigation into this case with the aim of establishing “a crime involving death from danger and moral incitement to it, as well as a crime related to a violation of the law on the transmission of infectious diseases.”

“The prosecutor of the trial court will look outside the hospital for persons who allegedly obstructed or prohibited the timely intubation of the patient,” the state news agency reported.AMNA ”

According to Skai TV, there was a group on social media that encouraged and encouraged the 54-year-old woman to refuse intubation.

Vaccination history. Figure ALEKSANDRA KRASUTSKAYA

Banning intubation: a new trend in pandemic deniers?

Last month, a Covid patient at the Patras General Hospital demanded a lawyer after he was pulled out of intubation and came to his senses. Instead of thanking the medical staff and nursing staff, he demanded a lawyer, saying that they wanted to kill him and he doubted the need for intubation for coronavirus.

The doctors and nurses of the Patras hospital complained that they are faced with many similar cases every day.

“It is not uncommon for relatives of unvaccinated patients to call them and threaten to sue them because they claim their loved ones are not infected with the virus and have been intubated for other reasons that doctors are hiding from them,” he said. This was repeatedly reported by the Greek mass media

In another, more serious incident, a group of about 20 people who call themselves “guardians of patients” tried to storm the pulmonary department of the Thriasio hospital in Athens on August 29, intimidating doctors and nurses, threatening them, and demanded that the 48-year-old patient not be transferred to another the hospital where she was to be intubated.

Hospital guards who arrived at the scene notified police, the news site reported. thebest

The head of Thriasio’s Patient Management Office, Manolis Vardavakis, complained that prior to the “storming” they were attacked on social media with libelous criticism.

Vardavakis reported Media that a well-known lawyer and activist of the anti-vaccination movement published information on social networks about hospital employees as “killers, liars and scammers who deliberately infect patients with coronavirus in order to harm them.”

He stressed that the group was organized and asked for additional measures so that they can act as they should.

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