On Monday, the announcement of the government’s position, including possible isolation

Details of the government’s plan to manage the pandemic crisis and lay off medical personnel were revealed by a spokesman on SKAI TV.

“In order not to leave gaps in the health care system (vacant places in the case of dismissed specialists), the government, the Ministry of Health is its previous and current leadership – made sure to assess the situation with the unvaccinated and to suspend their work, as well as draw up a plan for each medical district and for each hospital so that we have the minimum possible problems, ”said government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou in an interview with SKAI TV channel.

He stressed that “there will be suspension from work of those who have not been vaccinated. The discussion about extending the vaccination deadline is meaningless. There is no doubt that we will apply the law as it is, because there is a substantial need to protect people in hospitals. ”

Oikonomu explained that when new people enter the health system, there will be a reallocation, and there is no certainty that the suspended health workers will be able to return to their place even after they are vaccinated.

No quarantine is foreseen, schools and universities will operate normally

When asked about the possibility of introducing new restrictions, a government spokesman said: “We all expect our children to go to school, to meet with their classmates and teachers. Students will fill the classrooms. For our part, we are doing everything we can to vaccinate people and protect public life. There will be no blocking. Schools and universities will operate as usual. In case of problems (detection of a virus in a classroom, group), an appropriate protocol has been developed in order to know how to immediately respond to the situation, without panic and confusion, so that there are no fears that we will suddenly close again. We are moving in this direction. “

The government spokesman added that where the size of the epidemiological situation is such as to justify a serious concern, concrete measures will be taken, but not isolation in the sense that we have experienced in the past.

Some measures will be taken at the local level, for example, regarding traffic from 1 to 6 in the morning, for recreation and entertainment – only open areas, nothing more.

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