Increase in electricity tariffs up to 50%

If the increase in electricity tariffs nevertheless takes place, we will talk about a record rise in prices, which will reach 100 euros per megawatt.

According to, in Greece significant increase expected, about 50%, of electricity tariffs after a sharp jump in prices on the wholesale market throughout Europe. If the increase affects retail, it will be a record price, even reaching € 100 per megawatt.

But there are certain reasons for the rise in prices:

High demand due to the extended heat period. An increase in the tax on polluting emissions (this means that those who pollute the atmosphere will pay more).

According to SKAI, the rise in natural gas prices is considered the main reason (the price of a megawatt rose from 28 to 45 euros).
It should also be noted that inflation is as high as 3% and energy consumption has increased by 15.3%, according to a Eurostat study.

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