Opponent of vaccination dies of Covid-19 in Athens

A 54-year-old woman who did not believe in the seriousness of the coronavirus died after refusing to be intubated and even hiring a lawyer to defend her point of view.

Anti-vaccination agents sometimes bring the situation to tragic madness, as happened the other day in the Athenian hospital Evangelismos, the newspaper reports. News24… A woman who refused vaccination for ideological reasons was admitted to the Evangelismos hospital with a diagnosis of coronavirus. But she refused treatment, because, despite the severity of her condition, she believed that Covid-19 is not a deadly virus. Moreover, she accused the doctors of wanting to kill her through intubation!

According to her post on social media, when doctors recommended intubation to her because her health condition had deteriorated dramatically due to her underlying medical conditions, the patient categorically refused the procedure. She even hired a lawyer to defend her right not to be intubated.

From the point of view of doctors, intubation is considered necessary when blood oxygen saturation drops below 80–75%, and depends on the general picture and problems of each organism. According to information from Evangelismos Hospital, the anti-bacterial oxygen level dropped so low that intubation was the only solution to save her.

As noted by doctors, intubation is a practice necessary in case of low oxygen levels in the body. Usually, in this situation, the patient cannot make a decision about his treatment, so the consent of his family is requested, and in case of disagreement, the permission of the prosecutor is also requested to carry out the necessary medical operation. In this case, the patient deliberately refused intubation, and also used her lawyer to see to it that her wishes were followed. It is worth mentioning what a patient wrote to facebook when she tested positive for the virus on August 13:

This is a double blow to us today. 1st – I tested positive for the virus. Not that we will die, but problems, bureaucracy, light food, quarantine (and no sex) are guaranteed to me.

In fact, because of the beliefs that are actively spreading among anti-vaccinators, the woman paid with her own life. It should be noted that this is not the only case when deniers of the danger of coronavirus risk their lives. Many anti-vaccinators, even in the event of the loss of a loved one, do not accept the views of the scientific community on the epidemic.

A few months ago, the current Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga stated:

Almost daily, in addition to the workload in hospitals, many doctors and clinic directors are faced with constant lawsuits from citizens who consider doctors incompetent, as they indicate to them the risk of coronavirus.

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