Evros: an increase in the flow of Afghans and other illegal migrants

The Greek government appears to be trying to downplay the number of Afghans and other illegal immigrants who enter the country either from the Greek-Turkish border or from Bulgaria.

Various government-controlled media outlets contribute to hiding the truth, according to newsbreak.gr. However, the facts can neither be misinterpreted nor completely hidden.

Not only in Dicaia and Ormenio (Δίκαια και Ορμένιο), but also in Orestiada and Didimothio (Ορεστιάδα και στο Διδυμότειχο), the legion of strangers makes their presence especially perceptible and disturbs the restless lives of their local Greeks, as the measured pace of their day-to-day

Migrants, especially from Afghanistan and Bangladesh, reportedly walk around half-naked, without T-shirts or shirts. And not because they have no clothes, but because they deliberately behave defiantly. “It’s disgusting, but I’m afraid the worst is yet to come. It’s scary to think when thousands of people from Afghanistan start arriving at our borders, ”says a local resident of Evros, who knows everything that happens well, watching it“ with his own eyes ”.

According to our source, the greatest danger comes from the Greek-Bulgarian border. Falling water levels on Evros help migrants wade into Greece. “If the Bulgarians do not change their tactics on the shores of the Black Sea, as well as on their border with Turkey, then we will see scenes similar to those that happened in 2015,” says the source.

It looks comical how Nikos Panagiotopoulos “pushed” the fence in front of the cameras to see if he could withstand the pressure of a man who planned to move to Greece through the newly erected fence. However, he obviously miscalculated, thinking that he possesses the strength of hundreds or even thousands of migrants who are ready to sweep away everything and everyone on their way, just to be saved …

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