6,000 unvaccinated doctors suspended from work

The number of unvaccinated health workers in all hospitals in the country was cut in half at the last minute.

According to the information, at the moment, 5895 applications have been submitted for the suspension of the work of doctors and another 1,500 concerns the personnel of primary health care (Πρωτοβάθμια Φροντίδα Υγείας, ΠΦΥ). The dismissal process continues and is followed exactly in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Of the 15,000 health workers who remained unvaccinated in all hospitals in the country, about half changed their minds at the last moment and decided to get vaccinated. Thus, the number of unvaccinated in the health sector now reaches 7,500 people.

Replacement of dismissed personnel with appropriate specialists

The application platform was launched following the announcement of the layoff of unvaccinated employees (https://loipoepikouriko.moh.gov.gr/Home.aspx). Acceptance of applications will end on Wednesday, September 8, at 15:00. Personnel who are subject to mandatory vaccination: paramedical, nursing, administrative and auxiliary (except for doctors).

The staff concludes a three-month employment contract with the institution where they are assigned. It can subsequently be extended for another three months.

Number of unvaccinated staff in hospitals:

In Evagelismos, out of 3,500 employees of all departments, 120 were not vaccinated. In Laiko, out of 1,450, 87 were not vaccinated. In AHEPA (Thessaloniki), 120 out of 1,200 employees remain unvaccinated, and at Papanikolaou Hospital, out of 2,000 medical workers, 156 were not vaccinated. In Larisa, two hospitals, University and Main, employ 2,900 people, of which 253 have not yet been vaccinated. There are 6,000 employees in seven hospitals in Crete, 500 people are not vaccinated. In three hospitals in Patras, out of 3200 employees, 550 are not vaccinated. In Agrinio, out of 680 medical workers, 90 were not vaccinated, and 40 of them went on sick leave, after which they will be given the appropriate documents to suspend work if they are not vaccinated. …

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