Japan: analysis of vaccines in which “bonuses” were found is ready

The Japanese company, Kyodo reported, found stainless steel impurities in the Moderna vaccine.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has released the results of an investigation by Takeda Pharmaceutical. The experts concluded that the vaccine vials contain stainless steel metal dust. It probably somehow got there during the production process from factory machines, perhaps due to incorrect installation of equipment.

In August, the Japanese Ministry of Health stopped the use of 1.63 million doses of the vaccine after detecting foreign matter. However, it is known that it was distributed to 889 vaccination centers and 55 of them managed to use it. There was also information about the death of two young men, aged 30 and 38, on the third day after Moderna vaccination of one of the three subsequently suspended lots. Later, the prefectures reported the discovery of black fragments in the preparation. Gunma and Okinawa

Today it became known about the discovery of the smallest black particles in other lots of the vaccine, which was used for vaccinations in Kanagawa Prefecture. From the same lot, 25 thousand people have already managed to be vaccinated. Further use of the vaccine has been suspended.

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