How to correctly present state terrorism to the population

We have previously published material about how the United States launched a missile strike in Kabul, which killed a family of 10 people, including 6 children and 4 adults. The official interpretation of the strike is “prevention of a terrorist attack.”

I must point out that this is how it should be written by a real “free and democratic media”. Therefore, Radio Liberty wrote: “To prevent a terrorist attack.” The fact that the car with the Taliban militants, who seemed to be the official government of the country, was parked in a densely populated area, it would be even worse, you understand …

Here is Euronews: “The US launched a missile attack on ISIS fighters in Kabul.” I start looking for what they wrote there:

“The aim of the strike by the American drone was a car in which there were several ISIS militants who were planning to carry out a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. This was reported by the US military, according to which the threat was withdrawn. A large amount of explosives was transported in the car, as a result of which, after the impact, secondary explosions began.

The 2yrs old #Malika also died and the number of victims of the US rocket attack in Kabul reached 10.

1: Zemaray 40
2: Naseer 30
3: Zameer 20
4: Faisal 10
5: Farzad 10
6: Armin 4
7: Benyamin 3
8: Sumaya 2
9: Ayat 2
10: Malika 2

Civilians & no connections with IS-K

– Muslim Shirzad (@MuslimShirzad) August 30, 2021

A residential building was partially destroyed, at least 9 members of one family were killed, including six children. The news is not presented in the sense that it is not normal. Attacking a car with explosives in a residential area … Something abnormal. You may ask, what should have been done with him? I have no idea. But doing like this is like blowing up a terrorist in the middle of a crowd of people on the square, placing explosives under him.

کابل – گواهان رویداد می‌گویند چندین موشک‌ با استفاده از یک موتر از منطقه خیرخانه به سمدت فرودگاه کابشن لیکن

تاهنوز از تلفات و خسارات جزییات در دست نیست.#ArianaNews

– Ariana News (@ArianaNews_) August 30, 2021

Do you understand what the trick is? Authorities said an American drone strike destroyed an ISIS car bomb. Well, everything is clear. And here I check the reports of civilian casualties. Al Jazeera reportedthat the US prevented another attack. Interestingly, Al Jazeera reports that at least 175 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in the attack on Thursday. And here it is interesting how it was covered in the world press.

Eyewitnesses claim in an interview with the BBC that a large number of those killed in the ISIS suicide bombing were in fact killed not by a terrorist, but by Americans, who in panic opened fire on the crowd immediately after the explosion. The personnel of the rescue services involved at the scene of the attack and in the hospital confirm that most of the wounds in the dead and injured – bullet wounds to the head, neck, shoulders, chest – are the result of the use of firearms from a position from above, and not of shrapnel.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Saturday, August 28, 2021

The fact that most of the people died not from the explosion, but from the fact that the US military stupidly started shooting at a crowd of civilians, their own supporters who were waiting for evacuation received minimal publicity. Yes, there was something …

In general, you know that every day terrorist attacks happen somewhere, buses fall into crevices somewhere, hundreds of people die. But you do not pay attention, because these people seem to be not from your world. You, when there were terrorist attacks in Pakistan, for example, did it make your heart beat even a little faster? Now imagine: those 200 people who died in some distant Pakistan are suddenly transferred somewhere to London. And of course, then you are outraged, you are in shock. Otherwise, you are not shocked.

Look, The Telegraph reports on the American military, forgetting to mention, well, you see here, 90+ more Afghans. Because Afghans – well, that is … Well, it doesn’t count. But I am generally amazed that Biden, who called Putin, or anyone else, a murderer, that such things are done under him. This is the list of the victims, including children. I am looking for some condemnation by the States and do not find it. I don’t find it. Here it is not said at all that someone died somewhere.

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian press goes in the forway of all the correct press and reports the same thing – a drone carried out a missile strike on a mined car. According to the official, initial data indicate no civilian casualties. Miracle, miracle happened! Wonderful miracle! How did it happen before? Or when someone else does the wrong thing?

A self-bombardment of Donbassthat nobody was interested in, as if they took place somewhere in the same place in Afghanistan or Pakistan … Today Zelensky reminded Biden about 15,000 Ukrainians who died from Russian aggression, modestly keeping silent that the lion’s share of the dead civilians is on the conscience of Kiev.

Do you remember “White helmets”? Their leader then fell out on the pavement … As the saying goes, “he knew too much.” “White helmets” condemned the attacks of the Aerospace Forces on Idlib. And everyone immediately joined in. The entire world community unanimously condemned the terrible dictator Assad …

And the shooting of a peaceful wedding, a drone strike on a peaceful family walking along the road, or, even more disgusting, the shooting of a hospital in Afghanistan. This was quickly forgotten … USA then just apologized, with whom it does not happen, in passing the cup accidentally broke. And these are tens and hundreds of someone’s lives.

Remember, like in Syria, the UN Security Council condemned the Syrian air strikes military by Turkish military. According to the Turkish military, who, by coincidence, ended up on foreign territory, on Syrian territory. But then they turned on very clearly. But what is there, they are now included. For example, the UN strongly condemned the bombings in Kabul. Just imagine for a second: if suddenly the ISIS fighters receive information that the UN has condemned the bombings at the airport in Kabul. Can you imagine what will happen to them? The beards will come off … At the same time, the UN did not dare to condemn the aggression of the West against Syria, because, of course, there is no such aggression.

In general, it reminds me of this attack on a car in a densely populated area of ​​the terrorist attack on Dubrovka, for example. Then the UN too. Well, they strongly condemned the terrorist attack on Dubrovka. And I must point out what happened in an interesting way. In fact, some of the mainstream press called the bastards who took over the people as militias and even dissidents. The dissidents have taken over. I think CNN did it. And then something amazing happened. Because this terrorist act was condemned by Saddam Hussein, who was later killed in a stupid way out of bounds. Now hit this car condemned the Taliban

We have reached the level of insanity, on a global scale, that terrorist acts are condemned by the Taliban, terrorists who used the same methods to achieve their own goals. You see what the trick is. I have the impression that everyone in the UN, in other OSCE, they take Etodrugin pills, really. Moreover, we have now switched to “Etodrugin-Forte”. They accept and completely ignore their own duplicity.

For me, hitting a car in order to prevent a terrorist attack on the street in a densely populated area is, in general, some kind of trash. It doesn’t fit in my head. For the rest, it fits. What about you?

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