Double mutant discovered in Japan

A new strain of coronavirus, which carries two mutations at once, was discovered in Japan, reports The Japan Times, citing Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Scientists report that the new Delta strain carries two mutations at once. One of them is characteristic of the one in the Alpha variant. ” The level of infectivity has not yet been determined. It is noted that the infected patient did not travel outside the country, so the mutation probably appeared in Japan.

An “updated” type of delta variant was discovered in August in a patient in a hospital. It carries the L452R mutation, as in the delta variant, and N501S, which resembles N501Y, which is similar to the Alpha strain. The publication reminds that the first Delta discovered in India caused an outbreak in Japan and around the world due to its increased infectivity.

Meanwhile, a little earlier, scientists reported the emergence of a new South African strain of coronavirus. Experts note that it is spreading quite quickly and has already been found in seven countries. South African experts have declared the danger of a new strain of coronavirus C.1.2., Which has several mutations, writes Bloomberg

Option C.1.2. first discovered in May in the South African provinces of Gauteng and Mpumalanga. Already on August 13, it was identified in 6 out of 9 provinces in South Africa, in Mauritius, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Portugal, Switzerland, and New Zealand. Scientists are concerned that he possesses a dangerous number of mutations that are spreading rapidly.

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