US military presence in Afghanistan ended

As confirmed last night at the Pentagon, the US no longer controls the Kabul airport and the US war in Afghanistan has officially ended.

On the evening of August 30, 2021, the Pentagon announced the end of the nearly 20-year military presence of the United States in Afghanistan, RT reports, citing a representative of the US military. The end of the war in Afghanistan was officially confirmed by General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US Central Command.

The absence of American control over the capital airport of Afghanistan has also been confirmed. The pilots were urged to exercise the utmost care. The US military department noted that they will continue to provide diplomatic support to Americans who wished to stay in Afghanistan or who were unable to evacuate the country so that they, if necessary, could leave the republic.

Thus ended the longest war in US history. Having entered Afghanistan in 2001, the Americans have left it today. Once again, power in the country is in the hands of the local Taliban movement, adhering to the principles of Sharia.

A Taliban spokesman said the airport in Kabul will soon open to civil aviation, RIA Novosti reported. Zabiullah Mujahid says:

“Most of the equipment is damaged, we are working to restore it.”

Earlier, Mohammed Naim, a member of the political office of the movement, said that the new authorities would need help in organizing the technical side, and they would take care of security issues themselves.

Earlier our publication reported on the consequences of the Sunday strike American drone, the victims of which were the whole family.

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