Military Band of the Armed Forces of Greece “Theseus” performed on Red Square

At the XIV International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” the military band of the Main Command of Military Support of the Greek Armed Forces “Theseus” performs together with the Historical Parade Platoon of the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

This is the debut of both bands at the Spasskaya Tower festival.

Greeks are the first to go out of foreign teams to the paving stones of Red Square. Curiously, the Historical Platoon was formed just this year to participate in the annual Greek Independence Day parade and to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the start of the Greek Revolution (March 25). The platoon is called a historical platoon, since servicemen appear in full dress from different eras. The Greeks walk in six different uniforms, the oldest of which is from 1828-1834, during the reign of John Kapodistrias. And the newest dates back to 1946-1949. It became the basis for the modern form.

Representatives of Greece go out under two banners – the flag of the Hellenic Republic and the flag of the General Staff Academy. The performance is accompanied by music, mainly dance, of Greek composers, including the famous in the USSR Mikis Theodorakis (composition “Kites”). The program begins with a pantomime. Several people depict the movement of runners in slow motion.

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“With this choreographic composition, we wanted to reflect the idea of ​​the Olympics,” said senior lieutenant Karandinos Georgis, platoon commander. “It is performed to the music from the British film Carriage of Fire, composed by a Greek composer.”

The slow tempo gives way to a fast dance performed by two men. Of course, these are sirtaki. What is Greece without sirtaki! At the same time, military personnel in historical uniforms depict combat scenes, freezing in spectacular poses. It must be understood that this symbolizes the struggle of the Greek people for independence from the Ottoman Empire. And the Russian Empire helped him in this struggle, as the official voice of the festival, Alexander Romanov, announced. This year the Hellenic Republic celebrates 200 years since the start of the national liberation revolution.

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Sirtaki continues, but now surrounded by the military personnel of the Historical Parade Platoon. Greeks leave Red Square to the bravura composition “Famous Macedonia”.

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The day before, the Greek military orchestra “Theseus” performed at the Greek Embassy in Russia as part of a diplomatic reception timed to coincide with the end of the summer.

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