Greece’s position on the number of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in the world

According to, the number of deaths from Covid-19 on the planet has exceeded 4.51 million, the number of officially confirmed cases is 217.2 million. Together with undiagnosed cases, these rates are much higher.

Inhabitants of the western hemisphere account for almost half of all deaths (47%) and 39% of cases of Covid-19. And this is despite the fact that only 18% of the world’s population lives there. Statistics over the past week are a little encouraging – worldwide, the spread of coronavirus and deaths from it has decreased by about 4%.

The undoubted leader in the number of deaths (654,689) and cases (39,665,515) remains the United States. Even in the last week, the number of deaths in the country turned out to be the largest in the world – about 7000.

In Europe, 1.17 million people have died and 55.1 million have become infected. Among European countries, two countries are leading: France in the number of cases (6.74 million), and Italy – in the number of deaths (129 093).

Greece’s indicators in the world ranking are as follows: 81st in the world in terms of the number of cases among the population (56,090 per million inhabitants), 48th in the absolute number of confirmed cases (581,315), 42nd in the absolute number of deaths from coronavirus (13,581) and 43 place in the proportion of deaths in relation to the population (1310 per million inhabitants).

In terms of the total number of tests (15.36 million), Greece ranks 38th in the world, and in terms of the number of tests performed in relation to population – 36th place (about 1.48 million tests per million population).

Vaccinations around the world continue, last week the number of doses administered increased by 270 million, bringing the total to 5.2 billion. Europe leads (98 doses per 100 people), followed by North America (93), South America (82), Asia (74), Oceania (53), Africa (7.2 doses per 100 inhabitants), cites APE- BPE, citing the New York Times.

The European Union has already vaccinated 64.5% of the population with at least one dose (Spain – 78%, France 70%, Germany 65%), compared with 72% in the UK and 30% in Russia. The US vaccinated 61.4% of its population with the first dose, Brazil 63.2%, India 34.8%.

China has fully vaccinated 63.5% of its population of about 1.5 billion people with two doses. The data on the first vaccination is not published. More than 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the country, according to the Johns Hopkins University database. This is more than any other country in the world. For comparison: 623 million doses were administered in India, 367 million – in the United States.

In Israel, 2/3 of the population (66%) are vaccinated with a single dose, but the country has one of the highest incidence rates in relation to the population. According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, 4,811 citizens, mostly young, have been re-infected with the coronavirus, almost all with the Delta variant.

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