Free self test in a pharmacy: who can get it

From today, Monday, August 30, the free distribution of 2 self-tests from pharmacies to unvaccinated citizens who returned from vacation begins. Free coronavirus tests will be available until Monday 6 September.

According to the Ministry of Health, persons belonging to the following groups of citizens are entitled to pass two free self-tests:

Unvaccinated public and private sector workers. Unvaccinated persons aged 5-17 years (the application will be made by the parent or guardian with the AMKA of the beneficiary child). Unvaccinated youth 18-30 years old if they have AMKA or ΠΑΥΠΑΑ, ΠΑΜΚΑ.

As “Russian Athens” previously wrote, the submitted bill on measures to combat the pandemic provides that a diagnostic test will be mandatory for certain groups.

How self test is done

The process is quite simple, you need to follow these steps:

Disinfect your hands and lower the mask. Insert a Q-tip into your nose about 4-5 cm. Rotate 5-6 times and repeat the same for the other nostril. Open the bottle with the liquid contained in the self test package and dip a cotton swab into it. Hold the sample in it for about 15 seconds, “stirring”. Then, holding a cotton swab in the middle, remove it from the bottle. Then we throw it into a special bag (not into the trash bin!). Let’s open the next one-time package, where the self test itself is located (on which the result will be visible). From a bottle of liquid, apply 4 drops to the first hole of the self test. We throw the used materials into a special bag.

Watch the video.

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