An inadequate nurse attacked a clinic visitor

A nurse in Patras attacked a visitor to the cancer ward where her father was being treated.

When a young woman, when asked by the medical staff whether she had been vaccinated, presented a vaccination certificate (a condition of admission to a parent hospitalized in the department), she suddenly heard the answer: “Have you been vaccinated? Great! Now you will get cancer, like your father.”

The incredible attack by the nurse on duty on the daughter of a cancer patient, who presented her vaccination certificate, shocked the public. The event took place just a few days after a similar previous incident, recorded at the Κέντρο Υγείας Βορείου Τομέα polyclinic, when a doctor “mocked” a mother who brought her 16-year-old daughter to an injection.

Alas, some doctors and medical workers, instead of explaining to the population the importance of preventive vaccination, on the contrary, frighten and frighten the population, talking about “irreversible consequences”.

The above incident took place in the chemotherapy ward of a university hospital. The nurse “attacked” the daughter who came to visit her sick father and presented official documents that she was fully vaccinated. The paramedic response stunned and annoyed her. The woman scolded the nurse, and then a fight ensued. The rest of the patients and visitors watched in silence. After the assault, the quarrel ended.

Reportedly, none of the hospital’s management or security personnel were called during the incident. However, a young woman, who felt that the nurse “cursed” her by saying that the vaccine “caused” cancer, informed the Patras medical community of the egregious case.

Recall that a few days ago, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, also in Patras, described an outrageous incident when she came to vaccinate her daughter. According to the mother’s statement to the relevant authorities, the doctor told her that she was “destroying her daughter and the vaccine is dangerous, and the coronavirus is just the flu.” Yannis Karvelis intervened and ordered an immediate investigation of the incident.

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