Expanding the scope of compulsory vaccination, as the idea of ​​the authorities

Many young people under the age of 17 received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine or signed up for a vaccination at a vaccination center.

According to the main newsletter of the Open channel, 7% in the 12-14 age group have been vaccinated or made an appointment, i.e. 26,000 children. While in the age group 15-17, the percentage is higher, because 60,000 teenagers have been vaccinated or made an appointment for vaccination, i.e. 17%.

Vaccination is actively continuing among young people aged 18-24, ie. 373,000 young people have been vaccinated or made appointments. The “champions” of vaccination are, of course, older people, especially those who belong to the 75-79 age group, they were 86% vaccinated.

As for teachers, according to the latest data, the vaccinated rate is 68%, and if we take into account the scheduled visits to the vaccination center, it rises to 74%.

Meanwhile, the government is now openly discussing the issue of expanding the scope of “compulsory vaccination”. It is expected that in the near future, depending on the rate of vaccination, the authorities will make final decisions and mark the specialties of workers who will be required to get vaccinated. The goal is to create herd immunity, which, due to the appearance of the delta mutation, requires a higher percentage of vaccinated.

In an interview with the Mega channel, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Stelios Petsas, when asked about a possible expansion of the scope of compulsory vaccination, emphasized that experts recommend obliging government employees to be vaccinated. This applies to tax service personnel, KEP, EFKA and those liable for military service. This will be done if necessary. But so far this is only in the plans. And you may not need it. “

“Teachers have a high vaccination rate and I hope to see it increase further. In universities, young people feel invulnerable. We need to accelerate the pace of vaccination again, ”the official stressed.

Deputy Minister of Digital Policy George Georgantas also touched upon the pressing issue, leaving open the possibility of extending the duty of vaccination to other professional groups, saying that such an opportunity exists as an idea.

The official stressed that the current thinking concerns the public sector, but over the coming weeks, the direction of any decisions will also be indicated. “We will see exactly how things evolve in terms of both the number of vaccinations and epidemiological data so that the state can do what it must to protect the vast majority of citizens who have been vaccinated or intend to get vaccinated.”

Vaccinations will begin at the doors of the temples
Meanwhile, as Vasilis Kikilias announced earlier, from Sunday 29 August, mobile teams will conduct pilot vaccinations in Athens and Thessaloniki near churches and holy temples in the squares.

Vaccinations by private doctors
The vaccine is expected to be available from a private doctor. According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Marios Themistokleous, in the coming days, private doctors will be able to schedule appointments for vaccinations for their patients. The doctors will be supplied with vaccines so that they can carry out the procedure in their offices and clinics, as well as come to their homes. As noted, 1000 doctors take part in the program.

Mr Georgantas also noted that 220,000 citizens have made appointments for vaccinations, of which 8,150 are health workers. The expert calculated that in the next few days, the number of medical workers who will not be vaccinated will be very small.

Today, the number of people vaccinated with at least the first dose will pass the 6 million barrier, while 5.7 million received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

“Unfortunately, this percentage of vaccinated, although from the very beginning of the pandemic it may seem that this is quite enough, now it should increase, because the delta mutation, as we know it, is very aggressive,” said Mr Georgantas.

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