Anti-Vakts rally on Syntagma

Serious incidents took place in the center of Athens in front of the government building, on Syntagma. At about 20:00, opponents of vaccination gathered in the square to fight for their rights.

Syntagma protesters carried state flags and icons, shouting slogans against the vaccine and the government’s crackdown on the unvaccinated. The rally convened the movement “Free Again” (“Ελεύθεροι Ξανά”), led by anti-vaccine doctor Faidon Vovolis

During the protest, the police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. The incidents reportedly began when some citizens began throwing stones and other objects at law enforcement officers. The police responded with stun grenades, and then a cascade of water hit the protesters from a mobile fire hose.

The confrontation between the police and the demonstrators lasted for about an hour. The rally spread to the adjacent streets – Mitropoleos and Ermou. The police also reportedly used chemicals.

The police were reportedly instructed to “remain calm and contain the populace.” But when the situation got out of control and a small group of protesters attacked the police cordon and began throwing stones at them, the authorities decided to use a “gas attack” against the demonstrators, which ultimately caused the dissolution of the rally.

Soon after 21:00, the rally was stopped and the streets in the Syntagma area were opened for free movement of vehicles.

According to reports, opponents of vaccination held a similar rally this afternoon, 29/08, in Thessaloniki, at the White Tower. Demonstrators protested against the coronavirus vaccine, government imposition of stringent measures and mandatory vaccinations.

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