Unvaccinated in the healthcare system

More than 20,000 unvaccinated health workers ΕΣΥ 5 days before the mandatory deadline. As of August 16, the number of receptions of the population as a whole has doubled.

Five days before the national health system’s mandatory vaccination deadline (September 1), thousands of hospital and primary care workers remain unvaccinated.

According to the newspaper “Katimerini”, according to the latest official data, until August 19, the number of unvaccinated employees in hospitals was 19,416 and another 2,248 were primary health care workers. In total, there were 21,664 employees who had not received the vaccination of ΕΣΥ, almost two weeks before the suspension from work (layoffs) took effect!

Percentage by category

In hospitals:

90% of doctors are vaccinated with one or two doses or have a certificate of previous illness. The percentage for nurses is 78, administrative staff 79%, and other staff members 74%. In total, in hospitals, the percentage of vaccinated or sick employees reaches 80.2. The remaining 19.8% who have not been vaccinated – 19,416 employees.

Primary health care structures:

93% of doctors are vaccinated with one or two doses or have a medical history certificate. The share of nurses is 85%, administrative employees – 82%, other workers – 83%. The rate of vaccinated or sick in the primary health care system is 87.3%. The remaining 12.7% are unvaccinated – 2284 employees.

Vaccination enrollment increases
It is encouraging that the number of vaccination records in the general population has doubled since 16 August, reaching 163,000, Deputy Minister of Digital Government Georgos Georgantas told SKAI, adding that between 25,000 and 30,000 appointments are made every day at Vaccination Centers.

At the same time, “with the return of vacationers in August, the pandemic in Attica will spread even more, the peak of which may occur between September 16 and 20, which could put pressure on the health system in the region,” – said in a message from EKPA professor of analytical chemistry Nikos Tomaidis.

The expert emphasized that with the active continuation of vaccination of the population, we will not reach 10,000 cases per day, as many scientists predict. “If we get vaccinated, we have a good chance of not seeing such numbers in September and October. However, if we are not vaccinated, it is very likely that another wave will hit us. We will either be vaccinated or we will get sick. There are no other options, ”concluded Mr. Tomaidis.

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