Professor’s dying interview about COVID-19

In connection with the widespread compulsory vaccination, the last interview of the late professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Alexander Borisovich Poletaev was published, who suddenly died a month after speaking at a scientific conference.

Alexander Borisovich was very worried about the people, for the country, for the situation in which the whole world, seized by a pandemic, found itself.

The expert spoke with pain about the lies and untruths that blossomed violently on the basis of the fight against the virus. This video was filmed at the end of January this year for the video “Myths about vaccinations”. But, in connection with the new stage of “compulsion to universal vaccination”, this video has become even more relevant. As noted, the scientist died NOT from the coronavirus.

(The opinion expressed by the professor may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial board of “RA”).

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